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Monjaai is not just about food; we're about creating experiences, fostering community, and spreading good vibes. When you franchise with Monjaai, you're joining a dynamic family that thrives on innovation, quality, and a commitment to excellence. Benefit from our proven business model, extensive support system, and a brand that resonates across diverse markets. We offer more than just a franchise; we offer an opportunity to be part of a culinary revolution, where every dish tells a story and every franchisee contributes to the vibrancy of Monjaai.



Monjaai takes Shape

Monjaai takes shape. After 4 months of planning, curation and dedicated hard work, a first of its kind cafe-lounge opens its doors to the public in November 2022.


Ever Onward

We now plan to bring this unique blend to new places. This is where YOU come into picture







An Idea is Formed

The founders conceived the idea to create & curate Monjaai - a vision to bring the taste of large cities to small towns. Monjaai is for all music lovers and foodies, with its rustic ambience, live gigs and performances by top artists.


People Favourite

Monjaai's appealing asthetics, modern ambience, food quality and service was widely appreciated by the customers and it rapidly rose to become the most favouite hangout place

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