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Monjaai, the dynamic fusion of cafe and lounge experiences, stands as a cultural sensation, capturing the essence of diverse communities. As the brainchild of KRC, a distinguished name in Assam for 15 years, Monjaai is not just a brand; it's a promise of extraordinary hospitality and culinary excellence. Owned by KRC, Monjaai leverages the rich legacy of its parent company, charting a course for success with KRC's proven track record as its foundation.




15 Years


Cafe/Gastro Lounge


Culinary Excellence

About KRC

KRC Group (parent company), a 15-year veteran in hospitality, stands tall as a pioneer, synonymous with excellence and innovation. Having successfully created and curated multiple F&B outlets, KRC Group has profoundly influenced the culinary landscape with an unwavering commitment to exceptional dining experiences and unparalleled customer satisfaction. As a dynamic force, KRC Group continues to redefine industry standards with enduring dedication to quality and service.

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